How to Get a Job

Whether you have no experience or been in the job market 10+ years but are looking for a better job you love vs. hate most people can get further in their career with a “career coach”.

If you think about it you go through life for the most part with coaches (parents, family members, older siblings, teachers and more)…

However once you are done with school or become of age to be able to work you either need help with finding a job, getting a job, resumes, interviewing, or finding a better job that you like and not hate and gives you freedom or a better life.

We are offering career coaching to people that would like to have a coach and job and career guide of sorts that can help you through the process.

We made it really easy to get guidance with your career and help you learn how to get a job and start making your life better.

Per the Social Security Administration the national average wage index for 2016 is $48,642.15. However we took that number cut it in half ($24,321) to account for people getting their first job and decided to charge only 10% of that number per month for our career coaching services that currently gives you 1 hour per month of time to discuss your options and have access to a career coach that has not only had entry level jobs and corporate job but is now a business owner (knows the hiring/firing side) and has become an entrepreneur running several internet businesses.

If you are interested in signing up for our 1 hour per month career coaching program for $199/mo (minimum 12 sessions) or pay up front for a year and save an extra 18% at $1999 (12 months of 1 hour career coaching sessions and help) we can offer that as well.

Our goal is this is an investment in your career and helping you find the right job that can not only pay you back 10x, 20x, 50x more but also in the intangible feeling of finding a job you love as well.

If interested fill out our Job Coaching Form below and we will provide a FREE Evaluation form to make sure you are good fit for us as we are for you as well before signing up for anything.